Ultimate Boat Smart Ring Review: Features, Specifications, and Performance

Ultimate Boat Smart Ring Review: Features, Specifications, and Performance

₹ 8,999

Boat Smart Ring Specifications
Net Weight 7.9 G
battery Life 5-7 Days
charging time 90 Minutes About 1.5 Hours
Water Resistance Yes its Comes with 5ATM
Bluetooth Version 5.0

Boat Smart Ring Features

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Smart Touch Control
  • Body Temperature Monitoring
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Smart Activity Tracking
  • Smart Charging
  • Premium Ceramic & Metallic Build
  • Hart Rate Monitoring
  • SPO2 Monitoring
  • Body Recovery Tracking
  • SOS feature

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What is the cost of the boat ring?

The Boat smart ring is priced at Rs 8,999. It functions as an activity tracker and monitors health parameters like heart rate, sleep, body temperature, and SpO2. This smart ring is also water and dust-resistant (5 ATM) and suitable for activities like swimming and bathing.

How is the boat ring used?

The boAt Ring is an application developed by Imagine Marketing Limited. It integrates sleep data from smart ring device management and sleep health services. Users can record, analyze sleep and activity status, gain insights into their physical state, and receive trustworthy sleep guidance.

Can smart rings display the time?

Yes, smart rings can display the current time.

How to charge a smart ring?

To charge the Smart Ring, use the included Smart Ring Wireless Charging Pad.

Is it necessary to fully charge the ring?

No, it's not necessary to fully charge the ring.

What is the price of a smart ring?

Budget smart rings can be found in the range of Rs 8,999 to Rs 10,000, with prices varying based on features. For instance, the Oura Ring, which includes sleep and activity tracking, starts at Rs 25,000.

Is the boat smart ring waterproof?

Yes, the boat smart ring is waterproof and certified with a 5ATM rating.

On which finger should the boat smart ring be worn?

The boat Smart Ring is worn on the finger closest to the thumb.

How to charge the boat smart ring?

To charge the boat Smart Ring, use the provided Smart Ring Wireless Charging Pad.

Are boat smart rings reliable in terms of accuracy?

In terms of accuracy, boat Smart rings are generally more precise compared to smartwatches.